Karl Plagge Award

What is the Karl Plagge Award

It is an Award donated by descendants of the family of Karl Plagge, dedicated to school students in Lithuania, who concentrate on the Jewish Lithuanian History more than ordered by the school curriculum. The Prize is awarded yearly and is supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science.

The Prize money is donated privately by the Karl Plagge family with the support of friends.

Competition requirements of the Award 2012

  • The competition is open to all students in secondary schools in Lithuania whose history curriculum is engaged with Second World War.
  • It should be a teamwork involving the majority of the class mates.
  • The work should be an original contribution to the history lessons showing detailed background knowledge about the Jewish Lithuanian past. The contribution may be cultural, practical, artistic, social and/or the results of research work. The topic should be chosen by the students in cooperation with their teachers.
The contribution itself or a meaningful abstract or documentation should be submitted in English or German language and sent at least one month before the end of the school year to the following adress: info(at)plagge-award.com

The winner ceremonies will take place in the week of Holocaust Memory Day (around Sept. 23).

Definition of the prize

The prize consists of:
  • 1st Prize:  1500 Litas for the students, 750 Litas for their school
  • 2nd Prize: 1000 Litas for the students, 500 Litas for their school
  • 3rd Prize:  500 Litas for the students, 250 Litas for their school
at their free disposal.

Furthermore some minor prizes like books and documents.
A Jury decides of the ranking, the judge's decision is final.

Who was Karl Plagge (1897 – 1957)

The German Major Karl Plagge was in command of an engineering unit (HKP 562) during WWII in Vilnius. In 2005 he was bestowed the »Righteous Among the Nations« title by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

Further information about Karl Plagge, please refer to the following web sites: